Sparsh, the beginning and beyond…

The first branch of Delhi Public School in Guwahati was established in the year 2003 by Gyan Sarovar Foundation, an Educational Trust created by a few eminent businessmen of Guwahati, at Ahom Gaon situated about 17 kilometres south-west of Guwahati city.

As was expected, DPS Guwahati soon started getting its due share of popularity and patronage amongst the parent community of Guwahati and outside, looking for quality education for their children. Towards 2006, the Board of Management of the School came out with the noble idea of having a chain of pre-schools at different locations in Guwahati on a partnership basis so that the young children can avail themselves their formative education near to their home. Besides, it was also necessary to relieve them from the burden of travelling the long distance to the School in buses as well as to smoothen the process of their passage to class I on completion of the pre-school tenure.

Award won by Sparsh for its service

Ms Manobi Deka, a properly qualified young entrepreneur who had worked as a teacher in Delhi Public School, Guwahati came forward to collaborate with Gyan Sarovar Foundation to launch the school as proposed, and this was how the Sparsh group of Montessori schools came into being effective 2007 beginning with the first branch of the School at Zoo-Narengi Road established by Ms Deka as the Headmistress (the name ‘SPARSH’ was coined by Shrimati Chandralekha Rawat, Principal, Delhi Public School, Guwahati, very aptly, to signify ‘Tender Touch’ in imparting formative education to the tiny tots)

Within a short period of time, Sparsh was able to earn the reputation of being the Treasure Trove of child education based on the Montessori methods. ‘Perfection is unattainable but if we chase perfection we can attain excellence’ is the motto. Later, the hands of Manobi were further strengthened by becoming the sole owner of Sparsh with effect from 2009 as well as by attaining the ownership of the second branch of Sparsh at Six-mile, Guwahati in the same year, which too started flourishing under the guidance and supervision of Manobi Deka and her sister. The School celebrated its Five Year Excellence in 2013 with a colourful programme of song and dance mostly performed by the students, parents and teachers. Depending on the success, Sparsh has launched its primary section named ‘Sparsh High’ with effect from 2013 at the campus of Zoo-Narengi Road which has now become a full-fledged primary school having classes up to V.

As a result, the Sparsh group of Schools now comprises of Sparsh, Montessori having its branches at Zoo-Narengi Road and Anand Nagar, Six-mile, and Sparsh High located at the Zoo-Narengi campus. Most importantly, Sparsh is endeavouring continuously and comprehensively, to impart quality education to the budding talents, combined with multifarious programmes of child education such as learning by doing, value education, nature study, know your country etc. in addition to academics and co-curricular activities keeping in view the objective of ‘men making and nation building’. The process of learning is continuous like an ever-flowing river bedecked with the opportunity of applying new methods of teaching to cater to the needs of the changing time and environment. Adhering to this ideology, Sparsh is marching forward with the same vigour and determination. Blessed is the School for having the umbrella of an Advisory Board comprising of three learned gentlemen who have been providing their mature advice and guidance in running the schools smoothly.

Sparsh takes this opportunity to record its deep appreciation for the support and cooperation being received from the respected neighbourhood people and the parents. Proud to say, Sparsh is today, an extended and enlightened ‘Family’.

Foundation Day


The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Sparsh group of schools comprising of five members including the Chairman and the General Secretary is functioning since 2008 after establishment of the first branch of the School in 2007. The present Chairman and two other members of the Board are drawn from amongst the senior retired executives of government/corporate sectors and educationist to bolster the operational needs of the School.

The primary objectives of the Board is to function in an advisory capacity to provide the necessary guidance and support in the school’s administrative and developmental activities, infrastructural as well as human resource development. Liaison with government and non-government authorities as may be necessary is also under the purview of the Board’s responsibilities whereas the academics related jobs are the sole responsibility of the Principal/Headmistress and other teaching staff. An institution is a living organization like any other organism having birth, growth and decay. The existence of an Advisory Board and its role becomes very important at the growth or developmental phase enabling the institution to carry forward its mission and vision and for rendering service to the customers per se. The Advisory Board of the School is playing its role keeping this objective in view.

As per the School’s norms the meeting of the Advisory Board is held in every quarter of the year (total four meetings in a year). Agenda of the meeting is circulated amongst the member in advance. The minutes of the meetings are duly recorded for taking follow up measures which is reviewed by the Board in the next meeting so as to keep a proper track on implementation of the decisions taken. It’s a normal phenomenon of a growth oriented school like Sparsh to escalate its operational involvement depending on the needs to introducing new methodology and technique of education in order to keep pace with the changing environment. The Advisory Board is, therefore, committed to help augmenting the School’s capability to enlist a continuous developmental track record both academically and growth wise.

T. Saikia
Chairman, Advisory Boards


Prof. Udayan Mishra

Head of English Dept, Dibrugarh University (retd)

T. Saikia

Deputy General Manager,
IOCL Digboi (retd)

Sawpon Dowerah

Academic Officer, SEBA (retd)

Manobi Deka


Chinmoi Deka