Exercising fine motor and gross motor skills.
Oral drilling of letters( A-Z)
Oral drilling of words beginning with ( A-Z)
Alphabet games through flash cards
Writing letters with crayons by joining dots (A-Z)
Activities – Tracing the letters on sand paper cut –out and sand tray.
Matching of letters with associated pictures.

Activities – Counting of beads.
Introduction of shapes ( Square, circle & triangle)
Number puzzles and rhymes.

Identification of colour, fruits & vegetables , flower , animals, birds etc.
EPL : How to greet
Sorting of seeds and threading beads
Paper tearing and pasting.
How to sit on a mat and get up from the mat.
How to roll and unroll mat.
How to transfer solids from one bowl to another bowl.
How to put on a button. 


Phonetic drilling of the alphabets( A-Z).
Introduction of strokes.
Oral drilling of the three letter words.
Activities : Tracing of capital and small print letters (A-Z) on sand paper cut –out and sand tray.
Written capital print letter (A-Z).

Oral drilling (1-50)
Writing numbers ( 1-50)
Introduction of shapes (square , triangle , rectangle )
Concept of sizes.

EPL Activities: How to offer a pencil.
How to greet , say thank you , sorry , please.
How to sit on a chair and get up from the chair.
How to sit on a mat and get up from the mat.
How to roll and unroll a mat.
Pairing of identical pictures.
How to open and close lids.
Closing and opening of zip and button. 


Phonetic drilling of the alphabet ( a-z)
Introduction of small cursive letters
Phonetic reading of 3-letter words from the Phonic Reader Book
Activities : Identification of small letters in the L.M Abox.
Writing of 3-letter words with the vowels a,e,I,o,u
Locating position –behind , beside , above and below
Activities – Use Flash cards to form words.
Introduction of positioned words( In & On) & personal pronouns(I , he , she, his her).

Forward counting (1-100)
Backward counting (100-1)
After, between & before (1-100)
IX Game on missing number after, between & before numbers.
Use of flash cards for the concept of backward counting.
Introduction of addition with pictures
Activities – Game on after, between and before numbers through flash cards.

Teach them on theme basis Myself, My Home , My Family , My School, Animal Kingdom, Health and Hygiene, Plants , Seasons, Our Helpers , Means of Transport
They are taught through activities.
Rhymes are taught according to theme.

Oral Drilling – Colours, animals , fruits, vegetables and flowers. 


Introduction of capital cursive (A_Z)
Introduction of the concept of 4 letter word family having “oo”, “ll”, “ee” in it (writing and vocabulary)
Concept of 'this', ‘that’, ’there’, ‘those’, ‘one’ and ‘many’¸ prepositions (in, on, under, near)
Introduction of the ‘th’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘wh’ sounds.
Opposite words : gender , articles.
Introduction of the concepts of the sounds and spelling – ‘a’ with silent ‘e’, ‘l’ with silent ‘e’ and ‘igh’ sounds.
Picture reading with simple sentences.
Game on simple interrogative sentences with the help of flash cards.
Introduction of the personal pronouns (he, she, I, you, they)

About myself, my family, my home, health and hygiene and my school.
Introduction of different parts of the body and sense organs.
Concept of big and small.
Learning on different theme: Our helpers, animal life, plant life, time and seasons, transport and communication.

“Swarvarna” (Hindi Vowels).
“Vyanjanvarna” (Hindi Consonents).
Words without Matra.
Oral Drilling – Colours, domestic & wild animals.
Rhymes according to different themes.

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